Utilities in Turkey: payment, debt, fines

Utilities in Turkey: payment, debt, fines
Debt check
In Turkey, it is extremely important to pay your utilities on time to avoid service interruptions. You can check the availability of debt on the website of the company that provides the desired service. For example, in Alanya, water supply services are provided by ASAT. On their website you need to enter your subscriber number and control number, after which the system will display information about possible debts on utility bills. The electricity supplier in the Mediterranean resort is CK Akdeniz Elektrik.
It is especially important to check for utility debts if you are purchasing a secondary home. According to Turkish law, all utility debts of the previous owner are transferred to the new owner, which can be an unpleasant surprise when you receive your first bills.
Payment of utility services
In Turkey, you can go to any post office or bank to make payments. They can make both cash and non-cash payments. If there is an ATM near your apartment, you can make payments through it. The last method of paying bills is online banking, which is the easiest and does not require you to waste time visiting any establishments.
Fines for non-payment of utilities
Don’t forget or delay paying your utility bills. If you make a payment on the last day, there is a risk that it will be late, as funds may take up to 3 days to reach the utility company's account. The state strictly controls this process and in case of delay, the subscriber’s electricity and water will be automatically turned off. Meters are also sealed, and a penalty will be charged for their maintenance. In this case, it will be possible to reconnect the utility service only after paying all fines and debts.