14.06.2024  Father's Day in Turkey

Father's Day in Turkey

Father's Day in Turkey is a special holiday that honors the role of fathers in families and society. This day is celebrated with special warmth and respect for male figures who are support and role models. Like many other countries, Father's Day in T [...]

22.05.2024  Free Internet in Turkey

Free Internet in Turkey

In our active information age, it is almost unthinkable to remain without communication: work, leisure, shopping, and almost all areas of life are organized and implemented via the Internet. And being abroad adds relevance to the Internet connection. [...]

11.05.2024  Mother's Day in Turkey

Mother's Day in Turkey

Today we will tell you about a touching bright holiday - Mother's Day. This day in Turkey is filled with love and care for women dear to the heart, because, as you know, family values in Turkey are very strong and the sanctity of motherhood is inviol [...]

08.05.2024  Konakli


Konakli is a calm, green area of the city of Alanya, Antalya province, suitable for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life, who want to enjoy life surrounded by magnificent nature by the warm, gentle sea. The maj [...]

07.05.2024  Tarsus


The Tarsus region of Mersin Province borders Adana in the east, Mersin Center in the west, Pozantı and Çamlıayalı regions in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. The area's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea contributes to a temperate c [...]

03.05.2024  Oba is a popular area of Alanya

Oba is a popular area of Alanya

Oba is a popular area of Alanya, located east of the city center, divided into “Lower Oba” - an area adjacent to the sea, there are many five-story buildings and the activity of the city, and “Upper Oba”, located among the pure freshness of the mount [...]