Heating in Turkey

Due to the warm climate in most of Turkey, central heating was not a priority for municipal infrastructure and is therefore absent. Heating in Turkey is mainly done individually.
If the house is connected to a central gas supply, then when it is connected, a gas water heater is installed in the apartment, distributing the resource both for the gas stove and for heating water - tap water and going to the heating radiators.
Apartments in Turkey can be heated not only with the help of a central gas supply system, which began to be actively installed only in the last 20 years and not in all regions of the country. Most often, residents of Turkish houses use individual methods of heating the room:
• Air conditioning and electric heater.
Most apartments in warm regions of Turkey are equipped with air conditioners, which, although costly in terms of energy consumption, are simply necessary throughout the year. In addition to them or instead of them, in cold weather you can connect electric heaters, which allow you to create a comfortable temperature in different rooms; infrared models are most often used, less often with an incandescent lamp or air heating.
• Stove of the “potbelly stove” type.
In many Turkish cities, old houses still use such an outdated device as a metal stove - soba - for heating. The stove is fueled with coal, firewood, and sometimes I also use old furniture and other flammable materials that were thrown out onto the street by other people as unnecessary. Soba bakery is also part of the culture in some way, because... They cook food on it in the winter, brew tea, so beloved by the Turks, in a teapot on the floor, which remains hot for a long time on the heated stove, and sometimes they do not want to give up soba in favor of other means of heating, because it provides dry, healing heat in a humid winter climate without giving mold a chance.
• Common boiler.
It is not necessary to install the boiler in the apartment. You can discuss with other residents of the house the installation of a common gas boiler room. In old residential buildings, there are also often devices that operate on different materials (wood, coal, pellets). The advantage of a shared boiler over an individual boiler is lower gas consumption and lower water heating time.
• Individual electric boiler.
If the apartment has a storage room or other free space, it is possible to install an electric boiler to heat the room. Its advantage is the ability to regulate the temperature in the apartment.