Welcome to Tosmur, a beautiful city on the southern coast of Turkey! This is a place where many tourists find peace and enjoy life. Located just 5 km from Alanya, Tosmur combines historical attractions and modern lifestyle. This picturesque area is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the east of Alanya between its neighbors Oba and Kestel. Its main advantages are good ecology, the absence of industrial enterprises, and a stunning natural landscape.
In the center of Tosmur there is a fork in the D.400 road, from where there are branches to Ataturk Boulevard, towards the fortress and to one of the central streets. The area has excellent accessibility and you will have no problem getting to the center of Alanya. Buses run here every 5–10 minutes. Using the bypass road you can get to anywhere in the city. Real estate in Tosmur is mainly represented by modern residential complexes with rich convenient infrastructure, and houses over 20 years old are rare in the area.
The main pearl of Tosmur is the Dim-Chay mountain river, thanks to which the area is filled with refreshing coolness, which saves from the sweltering heat in summer. Along the river there are dams, picturesque gorges, and many restaurants on the water with swimming pools and water parks, among which there is even a place where you can catch the fish yourself, and then they will cook and serve it to you. Even indigenous residents of neighboring areas come to this mountain river to relax and have a picnic. There are also many orange and lemon groves in the mountainous area, as well as banana plantations.
For lovers of active recreation, Tosmur has plenty of options. Here you can go fishing, cycling, hiking in the mountains, horse riding or visit the local bowling club. Tosmur also offers opportunities for water sports such as diving, snorkeling and water skiing. In addition, the area has beautiful organized beaches where you can swim and sunbathe.
The main beach line in Tosmur is ideally equipped and can accommodate a large number of vacationers. The coastline adjacent to the Oba area leaves much to be desired due to the presence of many slabs that have not been removed; however, most of the beaches in Tosmur are devoid of slabs. In the direction of the Dim-Chay River, the beaches are already sandy and have a gentle entrance to the sea. On the border with Kestel, the beaches stand out for their wide strip and good infrastructure; they are even often compared to Cleopatra's beach. The approach to the sea is well thought out, most passages are carried out underground, and thanks to the small number of hotels in the area, there is always a place on the beach; there is no such excitement here as on the central beaches of Alanya. The length of the coastline is about three kilometers; along the embankment there is a well-equipped pedestrian zone, where you can sit on one of the many benches, enjoying the coolness of the Dimchay River and admiring the decorative plantings.
This well-groomed and green area has a highly developed infrastructure, including parks, playgrounds, furniture, household appliances and bicycle stores. In addition, Tosmur has plenty of supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, beauty salons, bakeries, car rentals, and also has the necessary ATMs. In comparison with Kestel, the infrastructure of Tosmur is much richer and more diverse, and the neighboring Oba is practically not inferior, only the area can be called calmer.
There are many restaurants and cafes in Tosmur where you can enjoy the tastes of Turkish cuisine, many of them are located on the promenade and provide beautiful views of the sea. In addition, Tosmur has an abundance of shops with various goods and souvenirs. On Thursdays, there is a market with an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and farm products, with a selection of clothing, textiles, various jewelry and local crafts.
Tosmur is an attractive place for recreation and purchasing real estate. Thanks to reasonable real estate prices and developed infrastructure, Tosmur is becoming an increasingly popular place to buy a home. Many properties are located directly on the seashore, which makes them even more attractive to potential buyers. The combination of favorable climatic conditions and a decent standard of living, the Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea water, wide sandy beaches with a gentle slope into the water and the friendly attitude of local residents towards foreigners attract citizens from all over the world to purchase real estate in this area of Turkey.