Mersin, have time to buy at reasonable prices! Reasons for the growing success of the region.

Let's start with the latest news describing the increased popularity of Mersin. The region is nearing completion of several transformations that will greatly contribute to the rapid growth of the region as a tourist and economic center.
Opening of a new airport:
Already from January 15, the first flights are planned at the second largest airport in Turkey, built in the Mersin Çukurova area. More information about the opening can be found HERE.
University expansion:
Opened in May 2018, the University of Tarsus already provides enrollment opportunities for 6,500 students. By the end of 2024, it will increase to 15,000 students, becoming a center of attraction for young people.
Growth of industrial zones:
The expansion of industrial zones in the region supports economic activity and increases employment. The commissioning of the 2nd and 3rd industrial zones, as well as the 4th industrial zone in 2024, will provide more than 100,000 jobs in the Tarsus region.
Expansion of tourism:
The tourism potential of many areas is growing, which leads to an increase in demand for the region. For example, the opening of a new beach in the Tarsus region significantly contributes to resort tourism. Another example: upon completion of the construction of residential complexes with hotel infrastructure in the Tomyuk district of Erdemli in Mersin and the improvement of the surrounding areas and the beach strip, this area will become even more popular for tourist holidays by the sea.

Initially, the advantages of Mersin for investing and living are much greater. Let's list and expand on each of them:
 Favorable climate and long beach strip
The climate of Mersin allows you to enjoy the sea and sun from the end of April until the end of October. The region has 9 well-maintained beaches and a marina.
 Cultural and historical heritage, attractions
St. Paul's Church, Mamure Castle, Alahan Monastery, Maiden's Castle - these and other unique attractions are open to tourists, and many of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
 The importance of Mersin as the largest port and also as a commercial center of the Republic of Turkey
The presence of an international seaport is a guarantee of the constant development of the region, which, in turn, significantly expands the prospects for opening commercial activities for foreign businessmen.
 Low cost of living
Accommodation in Turkey and, in particular, in Mersin is much cheaper than in any of the European powers. One of the leading economic sectors of the Republic of Turkey is agriculture. Thanks to the climate, several harvests of vegetables and fruits are harvested here per year, so prices for quality products are low.
 Possibility of obtaining a residence permit and Turkish citizenship
Investments in Mersin real estate are a real opportunity for foreigners to obtain a residence permit, and, at a certain level of investment, Turkish citizenship.
 Competitive prices for real estate in Mersin
Modern, high-quality housing in Mersin on the first coastline can still be purchased at a cost much lower than in the sea resorts of Europe, and cheaper than similar properties in the Antalya region of Turkey.
 Profitable investment
In Mersin, a guaranteed profitable investment project is an investment related to the purchase of real estate. As we have already noted, the local market for the sale and rental of real estate is becoming increasingly popular among foreigners, the cost per square meter is steadily growing, which promises good dividends in the long and short term. And also buying an apartment or villa in Mersin by the sea is an opportunity to receive stable passive income from rental.
 Availability of loans and installment plans
If you do not have the entire amount on hand to purchase housing, Turkish developers are willing to arrange interest-free installment payments for the duration of construction work. And if you want to get a mortgage, Turkish banks will offer you favorable lending conditions.
 Large spaces in the city and housing area
There are no dense buildings in Mersin, but there are wide streets, many parks, squares, orange orchards and walking paths. The area of apartments in Mersin is also spacious and has an excellent layout. So the average 1+1 apartment has an area of about 80-90 sq.m.
 Infrastructure of five-star hotels near residential complexes and safety of living
Local developers do not skimp on large local areas for residential complexes on the coast and improve their diverse internal infrastructure - landscaping, recreation areas, swimming pools, playgrounds, parking lots, 24-hour security and much more. During construction, high-quality materials and modern construction technologies are used, good hydro- and sound insulation, and all standards for ventilation and insolation of premises are taken into account. Many houses have centralized gas heating.
 Panoramic views from the windows
There are no restrictions on the height of buildings in Mersin, therefore, when purchasing an apartment on the upper floors, you are guaranteed to get beautiful views of the sea and mountains from your windows or balcony. In addition, there are still many plots of land on the first coastline that are being purchased for the construction of new residential complexes.
 Good conditions for Russian-speaking citizens
The Mersin real estate market is largely focused on Russian-speaking buyers. In addition, the city authorities also took care of the comfort of living for citizens from the former CIS countries and specialists with their families who came to work on the construction of the Akkuyu NPP. In particular, a Russian school is already open and operating, and the development of this area is actively continuing.
 Developed infrastructure of the region
Many areas of Mersin are now being developed. However, the entire city infrastructure has already been formed - there is everything necessary for comfortable living and recreation.
The presented extensive list of advantages clearly and convincingly demonstrates the benefits of purchasing housing in Mersin.