Istanbul – to Europe or to Asia?

Enchanting with its rapidly spinning kaleidoscope of sights, events, people and history intertwined with modernity, Istanbul is a very large city. It occupies a unique geographical position, spanning the European and Asian continents, covering an area of over 5,000 km², and is divided into 39 large districts, 25 of which are on the European side of the city, and 13 on the Asian side. Another area, the Princes' Islands, is located in the open sea and can be reached by ferry in about an hour. This district is more of a tourist attraction than a residential area, and an environmentally friendly place for residents of Istanbul to relax.
If you come to Istanbul for the first time as a tourist, then the European part of the city will seem more interesting, because... there are most of the attractions and the most famous historical places for cultural and educational visits.
There are not many attractions in the Asian part of Istanbul, but this is the more ancient part of Istanbul with an indescribable atmosphere of oriental flavor, measured and leisurely life, and has many advantages. Sabiha Gokcen Airport is located here, which serves many low-cost airlines from all over the world, there are many shops and shopping centers, modern well-appointed neighborhoods, and at the same time, housing prices are much lower than in the European part, as well as the service sector, and, in general, accommodation is cheaper.
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