The best time to buy property in Turkey

The search and acquisition of real estate should be approached thoroughly. It is important to find out the optimal terms, benefits and risks and consider all the pros and cons before making a choice. We will help you understand this issue by highlighting the processes inherent in the real estate market in Turkey.

Seasonal factors
Both in large cities and on the coast, it is difficult to identify a period when housing in Turkey will cost less. Prices remain stable throughout the year, except in extreme circumstances. The season affects the variety of offers, but prices depend more on economic and political factors, such as the exchange rate and the situation in the country, which in turn are largely influenced by global political and economic processes. In recent years, in light of global events promoting inflation and rising prices around the world, there has been a constant rise in the price of real estate as one of the most reliable sources of saving money, real estate has become a reliable source of investment and its value is constantly growing. Consequently, the question is no longer about the seasonality of prices, but about the possibility of investing before the next price jump - the sooner, the less money will be spent and the more benefits will be acquired in the future.
In Alanya and other resort cities, prices also depend on economic indicators. During the season, many properties for sale meet with demand, but at this time sellers rarely make concessions on price. It is also problematic to organize viewing of properties during the season due to tenants, but after tourists leave, owners often put their properties up for sale.
According to statistics, more transactions are concluded in spring and autumn. During this period, the choice of real estate is more interesting and varied, and it is cheaper and more convenient for buyers to come to Turkey in early spring and after the velvet season. Looking for real estate in Alanya in summer, especially if you can’t stand the heat, is not the most pleasant and effective experience. It is also worth considering that during the cooler months, potential property defects can be discovered. For example, to see what a home looks like after rain or how warm it retains in winter. However, it is worth considering that at the end of the season, the water in the pools is usually drained, the green spaces have faded and faded, and you will not see the property in its best beautiful condition.

Benefits of purchasing from Turkish developers
If you want to profitably purchase real estate in Turkey in a new home, you should pay attention to offers from developers. The construction of residential complexes usually takes a year and in its initial stages you can purchase objects at a favorable price, and even take advantage of interest-free installments until the end of construction.
And there is also another opportunity for the budget-conscious at the end of construction, when most of the apartments in the complex are sold out. Some developers offer their latest properties at a good discount to raise funds for new projects. And although there are usually “inconvenient” apartments on the ground floor, without views or with cool windows to the north, for a buyer with a limited budget this is a chance to purchase new housing at a discount in a modern resort area complex.

To summarize, we can say that buying real estate in Turkey is beneficial for those who actively collect information and quickly make decisions. Good options instantly find their buyers, it is important not to miss the chance - and we will be happy to help you with this! Follow the information on our website and social networks; we will provide timely and comprehensive coverage of all the profitable offers appearing on the Turkish real estate market.