Work and income in Turkey

Living in a year-round warm climate, enjoying the sea and sun, green spaces, traveling around the country, exploring the historical and natural monuments of this friendly country - sounds great! But if you are going to live on your own in the newly acquired home of your dreams, and you do not have a couple of other properties to generate income, and there are no other sources in the form of remote work or passive income, then the question of obtaining a livelihood arises.

Today we will tell you about popular options for generating income for a comfortable stay in Turkey, which our clients most often use.
•In recent years, thanks to well-known events and the availability of the Internet, remote work has become very popular and a large number of online professions have emerged. The need for such specialists is growing every day and there are many schools teaching online professions. You can master one of the most congenial professions in just a few months and start earning money, either from your home country or from anywhere in Turkey - and this is the choice of many of our clients.
• There is almost always a possibility of employment in the tourism sector in Turkey, from reception to animation. However, it is important to realize that this work is usually seasonal, and during the winter months you may have to live off the funds accumulated during the season or provide yourself with additional income.
• Turkey gives foreigners the right to confirm their diploma, but the process of this confirmation includes its own peculiarities - you must successfully pass an exam in the Turkish language. After confirming your diploma, you can look for work in your field of specialty before moving. It is important to note that having a residence permit does not give the right to employment. To do this, you must obtain appropriate permission issued by your future employer.
• It is also possible to search for work in shops, restaurants and cafes, of which there are a lot in Turkey, and where staff are often required, and in resort areas - employees with knowledge of the language of foreign clients of these establishments.
• Turkish legislation provides foreigners with the opportunity to organize their business in the country and even welcomes it. The authorities have provided support measures for the businesses of foreign citizens who are ready to invest in real estate and entrepreneurship.

As practice shows, popular activities are the beauty industry and trade, tourism and entertainment. This is, of course, due to the presence of corresponding demand from the consumer. A large number of our compatriots living in Turkey need familiar goods and services, which are difficult to find analogues in Turkey. For example, some food products: sausages of the usual quality, traditional sweets such as marshmallows, sweets, national pastries, salted fish and seafood, etc. In the field of Turkish services, it is almost impossible to find the quality of services in the beauty industry that we are accustomed to. The fact is that Turkish masters are tailored to the type of their nation, and in this type we most often do not coincide with the Turks, and to the unpretentious requests of clients. Thus, on social networks you can often hear from our compatriots that it is impossible to find a hairdresser with understanding hairdressers and experienced colorists who can take into account the differences in our hair and skin types, or a manicure and care salon with quality services by our standards. And even more so, a bad experience causes fear of going to a Turkish master for cosmetic procedures that require great knowledge, experience, responsibility and appropriate education from a specialist. Well, in the field of tourism and entertainment at resorts where many foreigners live, staff who are fluent in the language of the clients and understand their mentality are naturally required. Therefore, you can always find work in this area.