Cadastral value threshold for obtaining a residence permit

Official migration services announce a new internal decree, according to which all real estate purchased by foreign citizens in Turkey starting from October 16, 2023 for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit must be valued by an expert at no less than $200,000 and must have the same cadastral the value indicated in the TAPU (certificate of title). If the cost of a residential property is below this amount, the application for a residence permit will not be accepted for consideration.
This resolution does not apply to apartments purchased before October 16, 2023. The old rules apply to these properties: in large cities the cost of an apartment must be at least $75,000, in others - from $50,000 based on an expert assessment. Apartments purchased before April 26, 2022 do not have minimum cost requirements and are accepted for consideration for obtaining a residence permit, subject to other conditions